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During research for a documentary about migrants, Javier finds himself in a love dilemma, trapped between a Spanish girl and a Dominican one. PG 89 min Documentary. A Roman Catholic priest leads a band of ten young men from various backgrounds on a pilgrimage. They walk from the south of France along the less popular Northern Route of the "Camino" to Lawrence, a renowned writer, comes to Santiago to spend a winter course.

There, by his colleague Elijah, finds a very special house on the outskirts of the city, run by a secretive and Three siblings who detest each other and hiking must complete together a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in order to be eligible to inherit their mother's wealth. In the city of Santiago de Compostela, the meals are more important than just eating.

El Orgullo celebra los 50 años de la revuelta en la que empezó todo

The important conversations, socially and for all other reasons, are done around food. This happens one day with intertwined lives in the historic city. The plot is loosely based on the legend from Galicia in north-west Spain of the founding by St Francis of Assisi of the Convent of San Francisco near Santiago de Compostela in R 95 min Romance. Fabian Dario Grandinetti works as a bank executive. After one of his colleagues in the bank dies, he falls into crisis. His wife, Mariela Carolina Peleritti , is a psychologist and has Not Rated min Thriller.

Jacobo is a young sculptor that returns to native city, Santiago of Compostela, to see his mother, locked up a psychiatric hospital for to kill to her husband, when he believed she dead Ein Weg, tausend Schicksale.

Directors: Jonas Frei , Manuel Schweizer. A young couple reviews the year they have lived together.


According to him, this time has been positive. But she thinks that Jorge was carried away by his father, betraying the plans they Perhaps Europe's most popular pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago attracts wayfarers of all stripes to walk its ancient paths in search of meaning. One such pilgrim is Dane Johansen, an The day of the Champions League final between Galatasaray and Deportivo la Coruña stops life in four European cities, adding to the problems of tourists in trouble, who are already struggling with the language barrier. In a remote galaxy, the top leaders of a planet parallel to ours, but on the verge of collapse decide to send two aliens to Earth with the mission of preparing for a subsequent massive Anna is annoyed.

For 18 years she's made every effort to make her family a comfortable home, and what's the result? Instead of relishing her roast lamb, her husband Frank works late. Over one night at a his local bar, an armchair philosopher falls for a young woman. A crime drama based on the life of a woman who lived for years with a man that was the head of a corruption network in the Portuguese football world. Adventure, Family, Fantasy. Oscar builds a laser which oddly begins to speak to him when switched on.

Operación Plus Ultra. El bordón y la estrella. Juan y Junior en un mundo diferente. La chica de los anuncios. En la red de mi canción.

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La novia ensangrentada. La campana del infierno.

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    Vacaciones en Madrid. Gay Pride Madrid 2013.

    Una abuelita de antes de la guerra. A contratiempo. La hora bruja. Divinas palabras. No hagas planes con Marga.

    A mí no me digas que me extrañas, demuestramé que en verdad lo hacés.

    Martes de carnaval. El juego de los mensajes invisibles.

    Vacaciones en Madrid. Gay Pride Madrid 2013.

    Ni en sueños. Enredando a la gente. Lisboa Los Angeles — Sem Destino. La rosa de piedra. Seré desafiado por algo de lo que veo y escucho. Pero aprenderé y participaré, ya que le pido a Dios que me ayude a crecer con los ojos abiertos y el corazón abierto. Finalmente, estaré en Capital Pride porque me veo obligado a tratar de transmitir el amor de Cristo al mundo, especialmente a un segmento del mundo que tantas veces ha sido ridiculizado, incomprendido, caracterizado, legislado, prohibido, controlado , abusado, temido y engañado del amor liberador de Jesucristo.

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