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Yin, Water. Peaceful, obstinate and bon viveur. Pues bien.

Seguid atentos e ilusionados. So here we go. This absolutely international macroevent of spectacular program and many different activities that will be fully covering a period of 15 days as you will later find out, we are talking about the longest event in the world in its unique design and genre , will take place from September the 23th to October the 9th of the next year, By now, the organization is completely focused on putting multiple steps under way which are totally necessary before the event implementation, the design of the official website, contacting various artists, preparing the press conferences Stay tuned and excited.

Un elenco de profesionales de cada rincón del planeta, todos unidos en un proyecto que sin ellos, sencillamente no sería posible. Muy bueno has de ser. Al oir sus mezclas, te parece mentira que tanta perfección, exactitud y belleza, salga de su mente y de sus manos. Apasionado del sushi, cualquier experto chef japonés se caería de culo ante sus platos, la verdad. Que llegue a sonar una sesión de las suyas en la noche lanzaroteña no es sólo un lujo, es un sueño que muchos hemos querido ver cumplido desde hace mucho, mucho tiempo. Maestro, te esperamos impacientes! Electronic music has been his daily bread for more than a decade now.

You must be really good.

An enthusiast of sushi, any expert Japanese chef would fall backwards seeing and tasting his dishes. Soon we will tell you again about him, dedicating him an extense report. To listen to one of his sets in a night of Lanzarote is not just a luxury but also a dream many of us wanted to see fulfilled a loooong time ago. Master, we are impatiently waiting for you!

91 Gay-Saunas & Cruising in Spanien

De nuevo sus letras incisivas, apostando esta vez por la valentía al Amar, su ritmo vivo y apasionado ha calado en millones de fans que esperan impacientes el comienzo de su nueva gira. Once again, her incisive lyrics, betting this time on the courage of to love, her passionate and vivid rhythm, has soaked through her millions fans who await impatiently the beginning of her new world tour.

Gay Shame Vergüenza Gay es un movimiento nacido de los colectivos LGTB y comunidades gays, como una alternativa radical para la integración de los homosexuales. Siempre hay gente insatisfecha que lucha por defender su punto de vista creando nuevas cosas. Gay Shame is a movement from within the LGBT and queer communities described as a radical alternative to gay mainstreaming. There are always unhappy people who fight for their point of view and create new things.

Les prometo que no la besé. As it almost always happens with products made in USA, there is nobody on Earth, that has not heard or might be a fan of Hannah Montana, whose real name is Miley Cyrus. First scandal for the narrow minded yankees the ones who are like this. A supposed kiss with one of her female dancers has shocked the country that leads the First World, and. One more thing that shows, like it was needed, the Neanderthal mind of the land of the freedom, and that, how not?

Eso, garantizado. Natural, salvaje, extrema, apasionada, políticamente incorrecta, irreverente Allin, or even, starting to call her the female Iggy Pop, but truth is that Texas Terri is as unique and indescribable as herself.

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Now, she has been in the business for over 2 decades. The Texan is just something else, she is scene best, and that at the same time, gives good vibes and knows exactly how to handle her public. She is raw, wild, extreme, passionate, politically incorrect, irreverent, but up above all, she loves to make music and to give a spectacular show. If you have never seen Texas Terri in action, try not to miss her next time she is on tour like there will be no tomorrow.

You may love her or hate her, but for sure, she will not leave you indifferent. Os ofrecemos una deliciosa recomendación.

1611 Lanzarote y La Graciosa by Nacho Gay

Vamos, que hace tiempo que queremos hacer dieta pero así no hay modo! And we continue with another very good recommendation. Valeria y Antonio, the new owners, have made this cozy spot a place where just the simple fact of talking with them for a while is worth a visit.

We really wanted to go on a diet but thus, no way! Yum, yum, yum!!!! Despite not getting the same impact on the charts of the rest of the countries, except for Italy where it was a massive hit, the clubbers from all over the world really showed on every single dancefloor how danceable the tune was and still today is. Finally and after obtaining the legal rights to its distribution in many countries, the song became the biggest selling single of the year and first high-profile example of an Italo-House record.

To enter this club is like entering an ancient Chinese palace. Orientated in two directions, to the rainforest and also onto the majestic sea, will inmediately convince you that you are really in the paradise. Entrar en este club es como adentrarse en un palacio de la antigua China. Con un cartelazo de DJS siempre impresionante Deep Dish, Hernan Cattaneo, Danny Howells o Richie Hawtin son algunos de los asiduos , este club de exquisitos interiores tallados en madera y una calidad de sonido alucinante, se ha convertido en todo un referente e incluso el mismo John Digweed, impresionado por el lugar, escogió su nombre para uno de sus temazos.

With an amazing DJ line-up Deep Dish, Hernan Cattaneo, Danny Howells or Richie Hawting are just some of the regular guests , this exquisite club with a carved wood interior and a sound which is out of this world has become a total reference and even John Digweed himself has named one of his superb tunes after the name of this place. Besides, you can breath the hot and party-animal spirit of Brazilians in every corner. What else do you want! Suelen convocarse a través de teléfonos móviles e Internet, en la mayor parte de los casos sin otro fin que el de entretenerse, pero pueden convocarse también con fines políticos o reivindicativos.

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The usual way to assemble it is through telematic tools cell phones, Internet… , and for the most part, there is no goal besides entertainment, even though people can be called for political reasons or claim for or against something. In this work, the author predicted that people would use the communication new technologies in behalf of self organization. Over a people went to the ninth floor of the mall, where the carpet department is placed, and they join together around a very expensive carpet.

One guy started dancing to his own music on the Australian Bondi Beach and soon dozens of people ended up surrounding him and dancing along the same choreography. Remake of T-Mobile video: Nothing less than 1. Ya sabéis, lo que nos ha contado la TV una y mil veces no puede ser raro o perjudicial para nuestra salud mental. Recursos naturales agotados sí, sí, nada es para siempre amigos, especialmente el petroleo, y si no, que se lo pregunten a EEUU , control exhaustivo de la natalidad, manipulación genética hasta límites inimaginables pero que hace muuucho ya se viene experimentando, seres humanos reducidos a la información contenida en un chip More security?

Of course Yes Sir! Sí, claro The longest running and now refurbished and re-opened December complex is Beach Boys in Campo International area of Maspalomas.

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Also refurbished and re-opened May is Los Almendros opposite the Cita center. Club Tucanes have their complex in Playa del Ingles, 5 minutes walk from the Yumbo. There's also Basement Studios, a small complex of bungalows opposite the Yumbo center with a dress code many days of the week of leather or a jock!. Another complex just 5 minutes from the Yumbo is the newly opened La Residence. Again, the accommodation there is furnished very tastefully and to a very high standard!

The most exclusive and expensive of the gay complexes is the Bird Cage Resort 5 minutes walk from the Yumbo. Little expense spared in furnishing the rooms and bungalows there! In San Agustin quieter resort but closer to Playa del Ingles and the Yumbo than Maspalomas is there's Pasion Tropical which is practically on the beach.

On the lower level is a huge open-air area with all kinds of stalls and shops to have a look at for the early part of the evening. Also on this level are the two main cabaret bars always pulling in large crowds. Currently the new Sparkles ShowBar on the second floor is the cabaret bar to head to for the best show in costumes, comedy and decent-priced drinks. One of the largest venues in the Yumbo and packs out every night from around 10pm onwards. Bars fill up from 10pm onwards and the shows start around 11pm or midnight.

Different shows each night of the week and karaoke beforehand. From early evening after dinner the terrace bars on the lower level fill up, from 11pm onwards a few people are in the rest of the bars but most go to see the shows downstairs or people-watch on the lower terraces. The last bar you come to on the top level is also a nightclub Mantrix and is open from 2am until around 5am or 6am. The leather and "dress-code" bars which are the places to cruise are all at the other end of the center 1st and 2nd floor.

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Also at the other end of the shopping centre you'll find a sex shop, and another nightclub "Babylon" which is open until around am though doesn't get going until around 3am. If you're still in a party mood once the clubs close then there's often an "after-hours" club. Duración minutos. The Guy Site Rango Todos HD. Eliminar anuncios Anuncios de Traffic Junky.