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Thanks to the efforts of PTA advocates nationwide who called, wrote, emailed and met with their members of Congress, ESSA was passed and signed into law with provisions that support strong family engagement policies and practices.

The love and appreciationRepublic, Jan. Carol: I really enjoyed seeing the transcended any language barriers. Plus, everyone was smilingto work alongside Lifetouch for their children and building a school and laughing. That translates universally! The school is being to the children and their future. Ramona: A warm smile and a tightlybuilt for the children and families held hug is the same no matter theof a small, mountainous farming Donald: I recognized how valuable the language.

Families, provided countless smiles and hugsa small barrio near Constanza. Between high school Spanish our engagement.

Mission to Constanza. Volunteers work on I encountered want the same thing for communication is nonverbal.

My plant corner tour in Malayalam with plant name/ my little green space / foliage garden tour.

When wea variety of projects, including their children that we want for ours. And took us by the hand to showvisit with community members, made me sad to see that not all school- us around the school and play games. Itinteract with teachers, students aged children go to school. Since there is was incredible! Donald: I was pleasantly surprised to see schools that Lifetouch build are all day opportunity to increase engagementvolunteers who were eager to challenge schools with vocational schools attached in schools.

Students should take fullthemselves while enhancing the lives so they create a huge opportunity of the advantage of their access to educationalof children and were unconditionally kids. What was your biggest takeaway? Ramona: I engaged with a warm andRamona: I was surprised by the happiness cheerful year-old, named Delores. Carol: The importance of teamwork. Taking the time to build the team her have forever changed me. The lettersacts of kindness. Their faith is important and support each other builds a better and drawings she gave me each dayand they bless those helping them.

Never project and is a greater experience. This along with pictures are now treasureddid they want to take from us, but shared mission also taught me that the need to mementos. The opportunitySo, kids will go in the morning and for education is sometimes a privilege To learn more about this volunteer mission,a different go in the afternoon.

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The we take for granted in America. Local visit LifetouchMemoryMission. Learn more about Healthy Habits teaching resources at Lysol. Each jobs available in America—and only , computer Congressional office executes its own competition for the science graduates with the skills to fill those roles.

And in response, the Congressional App such attention. Representatives from every politicallives. Congressional Art Competition. The resolution in support ofcreating the CAC passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. The winners of created applications July 26 to Nov. The CAC gave of a team.

Here who are interested in gettingare three of the more than winners across involved in should first visitthe country. For a full list of winners, go to CongressionalAppChallenge.

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Representative on social media. From the 7th district ofNew Jersey One student shared that they learned, Teachers and school officials are also Rep. Users can receive these notifications While another said they took away which will include any updates, timelinesthroughout the day on the desktop plug-in, important leadership skills for college and guidelines. Time management in a Since students can submit projects they compressed time period, especially with created in other programs, the CAC canRiya Danait and Shambhavi Badi - Talk to the high marks we were trying to reach.

Users can honored by their Member of Congressselect from over 90 languages that will be and are invited to demo their work at Rhianon Anderson is the Executive Directortranslated into English and then American Sign HouseOfCode, a reception on Capitol of the Congressional App Challenge.

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With a simple visual guide to the Hill held in their honor. As a child, Dr. Jemison was for fun, but she also took dance lessons and aborn when these women were using their number of art classes. I learned how to paint and draw,Figures—whose legacies were buried for but ceramics class was particularly fascinatingdecades—Dr. Jemison sees both the arts and the sciences as part of creativity. Growing up in Chicago in the s, Dr. And she also wanted discover new things. While she grew up inscientist. Jemison commits most ofwant our kids to focus on their future, her time to sharing her story with youthbut when they are young, let them and their families across the country andexplore the world.

Jemison, whose mother scientists, engineers, technologistDorothy was an elementary school and technicians that we need in ourteacher. Her father, Charlie, was a construction In , she started the Dorothyworker who also worked a second job as Jemison Foundation for Excellencea maintenance supervisor. He went to a in Houston, Texas, in honor of hertrade school to master his craft. Parents and teachers were and figure out how to vote oncrucial to the development of this something like climate change andinterest.

So go out the majority of high-tech jobs do not require there and imagine how different the world four-year degrees. One of her current endeavors is climb trees, play with bugs—and bake bread! The program also offers science For a list of Dr. You can find three projects on page [8]. Jemison graduated from high school at 16and attended Stanford University, graduating In , she was one of 15 people selected forin with a degree in chemical engineering the program. She worked as a general A bona fide Trekkie, Dr.

For over 20 years, Dr. Jemison has been space agency in September on thetraveling the country on behalf of Bayer, talking to Endeavour. She was a co-investigator on theelected officials, education and industry leaders, bone cell research experiment flown on theparents, teachers and students about STEM mission and logged hours, 30 minutes,education, science literacy and diversity issues.

It was then when she learned ensure we have the capability for humana new skill. Once Igot it, I really got jazzy with baking. Get Hands-On with Science. For ideas and inspiration, visitMakingScienceMakeSense. Mae C. But not all parents are aware that students Children need to be in school to ensure they receive thewho miss just two days a month—whether the absences are supports they need to learn and thrive.

In fact, chronic The good news is that parents and teachers can make a hugeabsence is one of the earliest signs that students are off track difference in whether students get to school every day! Anacademically, whether they are learning to read or gaining the innovative survey from the Ad Council shows that parents mostknowledge they need to graduate from high school.

Parents Potentialand teachers can put these ideas to work 7Ask your school for its chronic Helpersand share them with other families and absence data. So often we as parentseducators. My Family: List who lives in your with a problem, but it might be a lot of house1Learn what chronic absence is and families facing the same challenge. Visit 2. Everyday Helpers: Identify who you AttendanceWorks.

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These are people like lack of reliable transportation or chronic friends, neighbors and relatives who2Help your children understand why health problems like asthma. Occasional Helpers: Identify peopleare out, how showing up every day is an for help. The teacher, principal, who probably cannot help everyday,important skill for getting and keeping a counselor and nurse are all available but can help in a pinch.

Some schools can godparent, a relative or a friend whothem learn what they need to know to refer you to resources to help the whole lives outside your neighborhood butachieve their hopes and dreams. Try offering small rewards attendance. If you have time, teachers at AttendanceWorks. Schools can engage students food items.

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And with meet those goals. However, the economy. It might lead to an opportunitymechanics; greenhouse, nursery and they are not engaged with the material. They can also practice their to pilot the Modeling and Simulation: The Association for Career andskills and interact with business and Surveillance and Response Course, which Technical Education ACTE is thecommunity leaders through the intra- helps students develop skills in modeling largest national education associationcurricular FFA program.

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FFA Organization. Think again! Learning the basics of computer science colleges and universities are already can lead to hundreds of career choices, awarding credit or placement to studentsKaila Piscitelli was a student at Conrad High from engineering, law and medicine to who receive a passing score of 3 or higherSchool in Connecticut when she created animation, visual arts and music. The U. Studying computerstudents the alphabet. Hamed Nassaco— science is about using one elaborate toolwho attended the Academy for Software However, through our own research, the to solve real-life problems, creatively andEngineering in New York—uses computer College Board has learned that many collaboratively.

This new Advanced Placement students. Computercoding or programming experience—to graduating with computer science degrees science has shown me that I can try, and tryuse computing tools and skills to pursue has decreased to nearly half of what it was again, and actually accomplish what I settheir unique interests, showcase their in the early s. The as well as states and districts across thecurriculum for each Advanced Placement country, the College Board is working to Crystal Barrick is the assistant directorcourse is created for the College Board make computer science education much of communications at the College Board,by a panel of experts and college-level more widely available to young women, a nonprofit organization that connectseducators in each specific field of study.

Learn more at pta.